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Wisconsin Waterfowl Association
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Wisconsin Waterfowl Association's Mission Statement

The Wisconsin Waterfowl Association is dedicated to the conservation of Wisconsin’s waterfowl and wetland resources. Wisconsin Waterfowl Association will work closely with federal and state wildlife agencies on issues pertaining to Wisconsin wetlands and waterfowl.


The quality of North America's waterfowl breeding grounds, in particular those located within the boundaries of Wisconsin, depend on the management decisions of landowners. WWA works directly with Wisconsin landowners and local Federal, State and private agencies when restoring both public and private wetland and upland habitats in Wisconsin. Our goal is to continue these relationships to further increase wetland and upland habitat in the state.

The Wisconsin Waterfowl Association has been a leader in working with the state Legislature to find solutions to the complex problems associated with waterfowl and wetlands issues. WWA has worked to better manage Wisconsin’s State and Federal Wildlife Refuges. The group took a lead role in the re-authorization of the 1996 Farm Bill, specifically the Conservation Reserve Program and the Wetland Reserve Program, which have been so important to the recent increases in the waterfowl population. WWA also worked with Congress to write the new Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program, which is expected to impact three to five million acres of wildlife habitat. Our goal is to continue our strong involvement with the Legislature.

The Wisconsin Waterfowl Association has been instrumental in working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, flyway councils and state agencies to develop waterfowl regulations which will provide the maximum amount of opportunity for waterfowl enthusiasts and at the same time meet the population goals of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan. Our goal is to continue with a strong presence on these committees through our staff, membership and board of directors.

The number and the intensity of environmental problems facing Wisconsin’s waterfowl and wetland resources will continue to grow in the coming years. Each of us must be prepared to make informed decisions about these complex issues. Recognizing this tremendous need for education and public awareness, the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association has developed a unique outdoor education program for all ages, focusing generally on K-12. Our goal is to continue to expand this program to reach all youths across the state so that when they become our future Legislators, they are informed and educated on the value of wetland and upland habitat in Wisconsin.