Wisconsin Waterfowl Association

Wisconsin Waterfowl Association

WWA's Education Programs

Summary:  WWA works in a variety of ways, to fulfill our mission of educating youth and adults about Wisconsin's wetland & waterfowl resources. 

The environmental charter school program, started by Executive Director-Emeritus, Jeff Nania, and educator, Victoria Rydberg, continues to expand more quickly than anyone could have anticipated. This program has become so attractive to school districts across the state that the number of schools that want the four-organization partnership, involved in their new charter school program, is incredible.

Our program of participating in outdoor-outreach events, has our volunteers appearing at fairs, expo's, and sport shows, nearly year-round, all over the state, when the opportunity arises.  No program, however, better showcases our works than the efforts of the Marshland Chapter, from Beaver Dam, in their annual showcase of all thing waterfowl hunting, at the Outdoor Education Expo, entertaining thousands of elementary school students, each May.  

In 2010, WWA was chosen as one of four groups in a special test, to work on increasing the number of DNR Learn to Hunt events in the state.  Although several WWA groups had already hosted successful LTH events in years past, during 2011 - this emphasis helped us more than double our total number of Learn to Hunt Waterfowl events, and made WWA the organization with the most number of LTH waterfowl events in the state.

Youth Hunts:  unlike the regimented program involved in the formal DNR Learn to Hunt, a youth hunt can be pulled together, a bit more easily - although it doesn't normally offer the firearms safety training, and background information that the LTH contains.  WWA teams around the state host a wide variety of Youth Hunt events, some taking place during the special early "youth hunt weekend" in September each year, and others occurring at different times in the season.

What can you do to help these education programs?  Elect to join WWA as a Member, then contact us to find out where the next outreach event, Learn to Hunt, or Youth Hunt is happening near you!  We can help connect you to existing teams of Mentors, or help you with the process of setting up your own team.  Or simply donate to WWA; your dollars can help us with entry fees, equipment purchases, and staff mileage to be able to bring these programs and outreach efforts, all over the great state of Wisconsin.

By making a donation you'll be helping not only educate Wisconsin's youth in environmental education, but also creating more wetland restorations for Wisconsin's waterfowl.

If you'd be interested in talking to someone about donating to our education program, please e-mail:  This E-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at (800) 524-8460.