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Wisconsin Waterfowl Association

  Current Legislative Issues

The Wisconsin Waterfowl Association consistently works to stay up-to-date and involved in those legislative issues most important to our membership and our mission.  Here are some of the issues we are currently participating in:

Winter/Spring 2015 - Governor Walker's Proposed Budget: Where WWA Stands

As many of you are aware, there has been considerable controversy over Governor Walker's proposed state budget, specifically in the areas regarding the Natural Resources Board (NRB), the freeze of the Stewardship funding program through 2028, and the major reductions in DNR science research positions. We have been paying attention to our Members' comments on social media sites of late and our Board has taken the following position on each of these items:

  • Natural Resources Board: the budget proposal would remove power from the 7-citizen NRB, which would no longer be allowed to set DNR policy but instead become an advisory group to the governor-appointed DNR secretary, who would set agency policy. WWA's position is that we feel the NRB should continue to function as it currently is, with no changes to the NRB's authority.
  • Stewardship Funding Program: the budget proposal would freeze the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program through 2028. WWA's position is that although we agree the interest expense is significant, and perhaps the program will need to be scaled back somewhat, we should not shut it down, lest losing a truly unique opportunity that will undoubtedly arise over the next decade during the freeze.
  • DNR Science Research Position Reduction:the budget proposal would eliminate 18.4 science research positions in the Bureau of Science Services. WWA's position is that we wish to restore the funding to keep these positions.
On the topic of the Science Research Positions as well, WWA was recently contacted by George Meyer of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation (WWF) specifically in regards to the elimination of the positions. As an affiliate club member of WWF, we have been asked to sign on to support WWF in their opposition to this item of the budget. WWA's board has agreed that we would support this position and have signed onto icon this letter.


Past Issues:

August 13, 2014 - Natural Resources Board on 3.B.2 - icon View WWA's Testimony Here

January 14, 2014 -Proposed Revisions to Chapter Tax 18 - icon View WWA's Testimony Here

November 2013 - DNR Migratory Gamebird Committee Meeting - icon View Minutes Here

August 2013 - Natural Resources Board - icon View WWA's Testimony Here

Spring 2013 - WWA's Stance on Mining Bill:

The Wisconsin Waterfowl Association (WWA) is committed to high quality wetland habitat and restoration of land to insure quality habitat is available for wildfowl as well as other animals, insects and terrestrial creatures. Conservation and Restoration of Wisconsin’s waterfowl and wetland resources is the cornerstone of Wisconsin Waterfowl Association’s Charge and Vision. WWA will continue to work with State and Federal regulatory officials as well as our Conservation partners to insure that our wetland resources are protected and that proper management is practiced so that both the resource and the economy are served to the highest potential.

Please note: The above statement is not a stand for or against the Mine, but rather a statement of our commitment to work with our partners.