Wisconsin Waterfowl Association

Wisconsin Waterfowl Association
Project Application

The Wisconsin Waterfowl Association is pleased to know of your interest in implementing a wetland restoration on your land. The Association funds a variety of projects and is hopeful that your proposal is of a type and within the cost guidelines established by our board of directors.

Please fill out the project application form below as soon as possible, since funds are limited in both amount and time availability. The proposal should have detailed descriptions of the project, including total cost (if available), requested amount from WWA, cost sharing assistance (partners with the project), average depth and surface acres of wetland restored, proposed start and finish dates, approximate date contribution is needed, and an aerial photograph of the project area which you can get from your county zoning or ASCS office.

After we have received your application, the WWA office will notify you as soon as possible, whether or not funds are available for your project. If your project meets initial requirements, and is considered for funding, you will be contacted for more detailed information and on-site evaluation.

Thank you for your interest in wetland conservation!

Project Application
Project Location
County * Example: Dane
Section * Example: Section 4
Township * Example: Christiana Township
T * Example: T111N
R * Example: R21W
Landowner(s): If project is on public land, fill in the specific office of the agency responsible for land management and contact person name.
Name *
Address *
City *
Zip *
Phone - Day *
Phone - Night *
Are you currently a member of WWA? *

General Description of Existing Area * Briefly describe the major features of the potential project area including topography, soils, vegetation, existing water area, and any ditches, tiles or watercourse affecting drainage.
General Description of Potential Project * Briefly describe the basic type of project to be considered, such as nesting cover, wetland restoration, tile break, ditch plug, dike or berm, scrape, etc. (Ponds deeper than 3 to 4 feet generally are not considered for funding.)
Intended Use of Property after Project *
The following information is CRITICAL Contact your local WIDNR or USFWS Private Lands Biologist for Assistance
Improved Acres
Wetland * Acres of wetland to be created
Average Depth * Depth of wetland after completion of the project
Adjacent Upland
Estimated Cost * Estimated cost of completing project. (Landowners willing to contribute a portion of the toal are more likely to receive funding priority).
Requested Funds
WWA $ * Please enter dollar amount
Landowner $ * Please enter dollar amount
Other * Please enter dollar amount
Name(s) of Other Sources of Funding * List any agency, contractor, organization, etc that you have had contact with regarding this project. Include any cost sharing toward the project.
Email Address * Please Enter your email address







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