Concealed Weapons and Waterfowl Hunting

An article from WWA’s Words From The Wardens.

This article originally appeared in Wisconsin Waterfowl Association’s July 1, 2018 eNewsletter.

By WDNR Lt. Matt O’Brien, Bureau of Law Enforcement Policy Officer

Editor’s Note: This month’s entry from the Wis. DNR Bureau of Law Enforcement answers a question from a Wis. Waterfowl Association member about the concealed weapon law and waterfowl hunting. Keep those questions coming to the Bureau of Law Enforcement’s Public Information Officer, Joanne Haas,, or you can text her at 608-209-8147.)

For the folks out there who are lawfully authorized to carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin (e.g. CCW license from WI Dept. of Justice), a common question is how that authorization squares with the waterfowl hunting regulations.

In short, individuals who carry a loaded and concealed handgun in compliance with all the concealed carry rules are generally permitted to continue doing so while they engage in duck hunting, so long as they are not using, or attempting to use, the handgun for actually hunting any waterfowl. Wisconsin’s migratory bird hunting regulations prohibit the use of handguns for hunting waterfowl, and also require all shotshells in a waterfowl hunter’s possession to be non-toxic.  Lawfully possessed loaded handguns, not used to shoot at waterfowl, are compliant with both of those principle restrictions.

For more information on concealed weapons regulations, consult the Wisconsin Dept. of Justice website, keyword “concealed carry.”

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