Education at the Chapter Level

By Ian Bartelmez, WWA Education Committee Chair

This article originally appeared in Wisconsin Waterfowl Association’s January 2020 Newsletter edition.

As this reaches you, we will looking at the last four days of the late goose season, it’s amazing how quickly the times goes by.

So, what is left? Cleaning, sorting and packing away gear until next season.

And now, what are we going to do with the off season? Personally, while waiting for the lakes to freeze (to a safe thickness) I may sit with the bow a few more days or perhaps travel to hunt geese with friends in another state. But no matter where I am, chasing a deer, perch or late geese in another place, I think about what we can be doing as WWA members to continue our educational goals.

As chair of the education committee, I realize the all too real struggles of outreach, engagement and development. But we, as the education committee, can only do so much, and we need help from the chapter level and from you, our members.

So, let’s consider reaching out to our fellow chapter volunteers and members and developing chapter-lever education plans. The education committee is here to help, but we need you to help us, help you.

I am looking forward to hearing from you in person at the state meeting January 25th, let’s work together and make 2020 the year for WWA Education.

Happy New Year everybody!