Youth Hunts

Youth waterfowl hunts:

The Youth Waterfowl Hunt provides young waterfowl hunters the opportunity to spend time afield with an experienced DSCN3739adult hunter pursuing waterfowl and allowing them to develop their skills without the pressures of the regular season.  The youth hunt weekend has been traditionally scheduled on the Saturday nearest Sept 17. However, dates are not finalized each year until after a period of public input and a final ruling on the waterfowl season by the Natural Resources Board in mid-April. Dates are posted on the following webpage as soon as they are available.

WWA local chapter volunteer committees have hosted a variety of organized youth hunts throughout the state.  These events are typically less rigorous in their training aspect, than the formalized format found in a WDNR Learn to Hunt event.  To find out if one of our chapters in your area might be hosting a Youth Hunt activity this year, check out our Chapters page and contact your local committee.

Additionally, WWA’s volunteer chapters do many other youth-related works in their respective areas of the state, including duck & goose-banding, invasive species collections, waterfowl education days, duck & goose calling instruction, and waterfowl identification instruction. Many of our local volunteer leaders are active in hunter safety programs as well, teaching the basics of being a safe, ethical, and responsible outdoors person.

For more information about the youth waterfowl hunt and all youth hunting weekends, check out the WDNR website, here, or review the information on the attached document, below.

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