Wisconsin State Duck & Goose Calling Championships


Each year, in August or September, WWA plays host to the best duck and goose callers in our state:  those who have chosen to hone their skills in a very specific way, to build up a “calling routine” which must hit specific aspects of calling skills, and be performed in a particular sequence, and in a limited time period.

The winner of the adult duck calling competition for Wisconsin, determined at this contest, then goes on to the world championship duck calling contest in Stutgart, Arkansas, held during the week of Thanksgiving, each November, to compete for the ultimate title.

2017 Contest Results:

Sincere thanks to WWA sponsor partner Cabela’s-Richfield, host site of the 2017 WWA State Duck & Goose Calling Championships.  The staff at the Richfield site has always been a terrific partner to us over the years, and their sponsorship of the event helps us to actually make the day a profitable one for the association, as well as a terrific opportunity to interact with the thousands of visitors to their store during Waterfowl Weekend, as well as all the the competitors, guests, and fans of the the calling competition itself.

Congratulations to 2017 Wisconsin State Duck Calling Contest champion Benny Breitkreutz who will go on to represent Wisconsin in the World Championships on November 25th, in Stuttgart, AR!  Also taking home honors were:

  • 2nd place: Austin Wendlandt
  • 3rd place: Nick Besasie

Congratulations to the winners of the Wisconsin State Adult Goose Calling Contest:

  • 1st Place: Troy Maaser
  • 2nd Place: Dave Nelson
  • 3rd Place: Jacob Johnson

Congratulations to the winners of our Intermediate calling contests.  They were:

Intermediate Duck Calling

  • 1st Place: Mason Tait
  • 2nd Plce: Matt Kozlowski

Intermediate Goose Calling

  • 1st Place:Blaine Arvold
  • 2nd Place: Mason Tait
  • 3rd Place: Matt Kozlowski

And, last, but most certainly never least, congratulations to the winners of our Youth calling contests:

  • Payton Wottowa,
  • Otto Wahl,
  • Trent Dieckman, and
  • Adelyn Dieckman