Hunt Wild Wisconsin May Be The App For You

An article from WWA’s Words From The Wardens.

This article originally appeared in Wisconsin Waterfowl Association’s February 1, 2019 eNewsletter.

By WDNR Conservation Warden Michael Katzenberg

When it comes to hunting apps, I think I have tried nearly each one that hit the market.

I tried the new Hunt Wild Wisconsin app, and found through experience the app changed the way I plan, scout, learn and hunt.

And maybe this will be the case for some of you in search of a useful, effective app. So far, just about 85,000 downloads of this app have been recorded!

It has helped me be a more prepared and educated user of our natural resources. For example, I have used it to know what lands are private or public – or the closing time for early teal season.

In practical terms, the app means I no longer need to write the closing times on my hand anymore! Ever try to wash off ink from your skin? Not fun.

This is a one-stop shop that has helped me to have a more successful and enjoyable hunt, and Hunt Wild Wisconsin has no cost to the user. For me to have the ability to not carry all of the different regulation pamphlets and to know where I am on public land  is a huge benefit; I now have all of the answers with just a couple quick clicks in this app.  I don’t even have to have reception when I use the plan my trip function.  This app was designed to cater to all; young, old, technologically sound or not.  Being a responsible and ethical hunter means being prepared.  Hunt Wild Wisconsin will make you prepared hunter.

Need to know more? Read on!

App features:                                                     

  • Build your experience based on what you hunt – Hunt Wild Wisconsin tailors mapping and regulations features based on which species you plan on pursuing – everything from zones to season dates
  • Heading into the backcountry? You can access satellite and topographic maps, public land boundaries and regulations with (or without) a cell signal
  • Tailor the map to your hunt – save your favorite hunting location or feature of interest
  • Found a new hunting spot? You can save your trails for those early morning walk-ins
  • You’ll never have to “guess” again – shooting hours are automatically determined by your location
  • Easy to read summary of regulations, all in one place – everything you need to know, right in the palm of your hand with or without a cellular connection
  • Access to your Go Wild account allows you to purchase new hunting licenses, tags, and permits
  • Shoot that big buck? Use GameReg in the field to register your harvest with the Hunt Wild Wisconsin app
  • Off the Record Podcast – listen in the truck, on your walk in, or pass time in the stand

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