Hunter Education Program: Ways to complete your class and get your license during COVID-19

An article from WWA’s Words From The Wardens.

This article originally appeared in Wisconsin Waterfowl Association’s May 2020 eNewsletter.

By DNR Conservation Warden and Hunter Education Administrator Jon King

I hope this warden column finds you, your families and friends safe and healthy. As spring has arrived so, too, has the time for you to make plans for your hunting seasons.

As you know, completing hunter education is part of that important to-do list. Since March 16 we have suspended hunter education due to COVID-19.  You now may be wondering if classes will be scheduled.

Volunteer instructors are ready

Our 4,100 volunteer hunter education instructors are waiting for the day they get the all-clear sign and hunter education can resume.  We will be focusing on offering classes around the state to answer the needs of our customers.

When we get back to teaching, all classes will be posted on Go Wild –

Online options for adults

As an adult, you can complete your hunter education class online at:

You then can buy your license online or at a local store and begin hunting when your season comes.

Youth and mentor hunting

Mentor hunting is an option for those wishing to hunt. And it comes with a few things you need to think about. Learn more about mentor hunting at:

  • What if I have a mentor or mentee?

If you are mentoring a family member, the social distancing requirements of six feet do not apply to members of a single living unit or household. In these family/same household cases hunting together is permissible. However, because mentors must be within arm’s reach of their mentee, the need for social distancing will impact hunters mentoring someone outside of their household.

  • Should I be with a member of my household to youth hunt?

Based on guidance from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, we recommend only those living within the same household participate in the mentored hunt. Social distancing requirements may be difficult to maintain during the mentored hunt, as adults accompanying youth may be required to assist by clearing a jammed firearm or dispatching an animal.

Reminder when hunting to always remember the four firearm safety rules:

  • Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
  • Always point your muzzle in a safe direction.
  • Be certain of your target, what is in front of it and what is beyond it.
  • Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until ready to shoot.

Enjoy the Spring! And good luck with your hunting this year.