Committee Positions

Representatives from WWA serve on several key committees which help determine the future of our traditions and resources, as waterfowl hunters and wetland conservationists:

WDNR Migratory Game Bird Advisory Committee:Centennial logo

This committee meets several times annually,  and reviews and makes recommendations on the management of migratory game birds including ducks, geese, coots, rails, snipe, woodcock, crows and mourning doves. The committee advises the Wildlife Policy Team on a variety of topics such as hunting regulations, surveys, banding, research priorities, nuisance and health issues, seeking partnerships and designing public input opportunities. The committee is also responsible for making recommendations on expenditures of funds available for wetland protection, restoration and management, including duck stamp revenue and North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grants. The committee will provide input on other wetland management and policy decisions as requested.   WWA has also served on the Ad-hoc Waterfowl Hunting Zones committee, a sub-group of this team. Bruce Urben is the interim representative to this committee, Peter Ziegler is the alternate. For more information click here.

WDNR Wild Rice Advisory Committee:wild-rice-growing

The Wild Rice Advisory Committee is a diverse group representing government agencies, non-governmental organizations, tribal interests and conservation groups.  WWA joined this group in 2014, as a representative of conservation groups, due to our work in wild rice re-seeding, in the northern most tier of counties.  Peter Ziegler is the primary representative to this committee. For more information click here.

Wisconsin Wildlife Federation Waterfowl Committee:wwf_circle_logo

WWA is a long standing member of the federation of Wisconsin conservation organizations.  As such, we are represented on the committee which addresses concerns regarding waterfowl and other migratory birds.  This group meets at least twice each year.  Bruce Urben is the primary representative to this committee, Rob Monette is the alternate. For more information click here.

WDNR Secretary’s Conservation Roundtable:DNRlogoprocess

Under Secretary Stepp’s administration, these stakeholders meetings have taken place on a semi-annual basis, to discuss issues important to various user groups, and provide feedback to senior Department leadership.  Bruce Urben is the interim representative to these meetings.  For more information click here.