Curent Issues

Current Legislative/Regulatory Issues

The Wisconsin Waterfowl Association consistently works to stay up-to-date and involved in those legislative & regulatory issues most important to our membership and our mission.

Here are some of the issues we are currently participating in:

Sandhill Crane Management and Population

WWA recently submitted a letter to the Natural Resources Board (NRB) as they considered the population of Sandhill Cranes. Over 85% of members in our most recent survey said that we should pursue a Sandhill Crane season.  Even though the NRB  is considering such a season, we are a long way from having a season.  Legislation will be required and hunters will need to contact their legislators in large numbers to make that happen.  Want to play a role? Find out how you can volunteer, here!

Waterfowl Stamp Increase

The current price of the waterfowl stamp ($7) has been in place since 1997. Unfortunately, the inflationary erosion that has taken place over the last 23 years has significantly reduced the buying power of this critically important conservation funding mechanism and has resulted in less habitat work being done every year. Each year, more than half a million dollars’ worth of projects cannot be funded because the scale of the funding available does not match the scale of the strategically identified wetland and waterfowl management targets.

WWA supports a modest increase in the waterfowl stamp to ensure that we can continue to properly manage waterfowl habitat in our state. Read on for further information about WWA’s history with the Wisconsin Duck Stamp, including habitat we’ve restored using grant dollars received from the stamp fund.

Knowles – Nelson Stewardship Program Reauthorization

Named for two former governors and conservation champions—Republican Warren Knowles and Democrat Gaylord Nelson—the Stewardship Program has protected some of the most iconic public lands for hunting and recreation across Wisconsin.

And for the past 30 years, the Stewardship Program has provided funding to local governments, nonprofits, and the Wisconsin DNR to continue to preserve natural areas and wildlife habitat, to protect water quality and fisheries, and to expand opportunities for outdoor recreation in parks, trails, wildlife areas, and forests. This program helps ensure that you can continue to have public lands for hunting and recreation.

Unfortunately, funding for the program is set to expire in 2021.

WWA supports reauthorization of the Stewardship Program and will be actively engaged to ensure that funding for this critical conservation program continues.

Provide Increased Access to Public Lands for Hunters and Anglers

A 2006 Wisconsin law made it illegal to cross a railroad right-of-way anywhere but at established crossings. Violators could be ticketed for trespassing. The 2006 law was presented by the railroad industry as a move to improve public safety. However, what the law has actually done is choke off public access to hundreds of thousands of acres of state lands and waters for Wisconsin’s hunters and anglers.

WWA will advocate to repeal this law and ensure that Wisconsin’s hunters and anglers can access our state’s public lands and waters.