More Duck Stamp Outreach: Senator Howard Marklein

By Bruce Ross, Executive Director

This article originally appeared in Wisconsin Waterfowl Association’s January, 2021 Newsletter edition.

Representatives of WWA and other duck organizations (DU and Delta) met with Senator Howard Marklein and several of his constituents at Cruson Slough near Long Rock last month to discuss the value of the Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp to conservation.  Senator Marklein, in his role as Co-Chair of the Joint Finance Committee, has a pivotal role in bringing the Waterfowl Stamp fee up-to-date. It’s been 23 years since the stamp fee was increased to account for inflation, and it simply does not fund the work that is needed to maintain and improve our waterfowling “infrastructure”.  Much like roads need regular maintenance, so too does our waterfowl habitat around the state.

In this case, Senator Marklein had an opportunity to see a 50-year-old – and failing – low head dam that holds back waters that create waterfowl habitat; and by the way, provides for fishing and boating recreation in the area, not to mention the flood control and water filtration that wetlands throughout the state deliver for their communities.

Constituent input is probably the most important influence on legislators. If you live in Senator Marklein’s district, send him a note today to thank him for taking the time from his day to learn about the duck stamp’s impact on Wisconsin citizens.  It’ll only take you five minutes and it will count in your karmic balance for the day. or call and let his staff know: (800) 978-8008 or (608)266-0703.

Bruce Ross, far right, along with representatives from other duck organizations, meets with Senator Howard Marklein