ATV Raffle

Raffle winners are responsible for all taxes and fees. Read WWA’s 2021 ATV Raffle Official Rules.

ATV raffle tickets will be available for sale online until 4:00 p.m. Friday August 27th. They will then be available for sale in-person at our booth at the Waterfowl Hunter’s EXPO on August 28th and at the Hunter’s Eve Bash on August 29th until the time of the drawing.

This drawing is conducted under the auspices of a Class A license holder with WWA. 100% of the proceeds will further WWA’s non-profit purposes in Wisconsin.

Purchaser must complete all contact information and pay electronically for the purchase of their tickets.

The purchaser will be provided: (1) At the time of purchase, an electronic receipt acknowledging their purchase at the time of purchase; (2) shortly thereafter, a digital version of the ticket(s), completed with the purchaser-provided contact information. The physical raffle entry ticket will be hand-conveyed by to the location of the drawing in order to be drawn.

The drawing winning ticket(s) will be drawn in public, and witnessed by a disinterested party.

WWA will post the winner on and contact the winner through the information provided by the purchaser, at which time the winner will be instructed on how claim their winnings.

Prize winners are responsible for all state/local and federal tax ramifications and prizes may not be awarded until tax implications have been addressed. Firearm prizes awardees must comply with all state and federal laws to claim the prize.

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