Abrams Blind Brushing 2022 Season

Project: Abrams Property
County: Oconto

By Bruce Urben, WWA President

Friday, September 16th was the annual blind brushing for the disabled accessible duck blinds on WWA’s Abrams  property located in southern Oconto County.

Green Bay Chapter members from left to right: Cody Ferris, Mike Keeler, Logan Sincoular and Jeremy VanSistine, along with our future waterfowlers. Photo credit Doug Steiner.

WWA’s Green Bay Chapter maintains the three waterfowl blinds and five deer blinds on the property. A crew of Green Bay Chapter volunteers came out in force on the Friday before the youth opener to brush the blinds in for the season.

Cattails cleared and used for brushing the blinds. Photo credit Doug Steiner.

The blinds are available for public use on a first-come, first-served basis and include almost a mile of solid surface trails on the property which allow wheel chair access. The blinds are available for anyone to use, with a priority for disabled hunters. Please pack out everything you pack in!

Waterfowl blinds are spacious and allow wheel chair access. Photo credit Doug Steiner.

The blinds are located in the southern waterfowl hunting zone.