Abrams Property Blinds Ready to Hunt

Project: Abrams Property
County: Oconto
Project Start Date: 09/15/2019
Project End Date: 09/15/2019

Former WWA ED Don Kirby assists with the brushing of blinds at Abrams

On the afternoon of Sunday, September 15th, a small work party (WWA President Bruce Urben and former ED Don Kirby), completed the brushing of the 3 duck blinds at the WWA’s Abrams Property, located just north of Green Bay. Brushing and clearing makes the blinds ready for the waterfowl opener on September 28th.

The three duck blinds are wheel chair accessible and there has been considerable waterfowl activity at the Abrams property with early goose, teal and the upcoming general waterfowl season. The Abrams property and blinds are located in the Northern zone.

AbramsMap2016_001There are two disabled deer blinds also located on the property’s north side access of Hwy 41, along with the three duck blinds.

There are also three disabled deer blinds located on the south side access to the property off of Oak Orchard road.

The Abrams property is privately owned by WWA but is available for public use. Rules for use of the property are located on our website under the Abrams property links.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help at the property can contact Bruce Urben at 920-660-2773 or fill out our online volunteer form and indicate your interest in helping at Abrams.