Black Tern & Purple Loosestrife AWA Project Updates

County: Jefferson
Project Start Date: 06/01/2019
Project End Date: 06/15/2019

By Mike Alaimo, Lead AWA Volunteer

As summer approaches, our Adopt A Wildlife Area volunteers are still putting in time supporting the Wildlife Areas.

Chain Saw Training Save the Date:  August 17th at 8:00am at Lake Mills for any AWA team members.  Contact Mike Alaimo at 262-443-4674 for details.

Jackson Marsh AWA:  Awesome job to the team for submitting a 100 plus hour annual report to the DNR, along with their wood duck box and nesting tube report.  A special thanks goes out to Mike Depies for taking the reigns on this achievement!

Netted plants for Rome Pond

Rome Pond AWA:  Loosestrife plants have been potted and netted, but with a late start it is a question if the plants will be viable enough.  Beetle supply is also up in the air, so we will keep everyone posted on the season.

A black tern nesting on one of our floats at Rome Pond

Two weeks ago pictures started hitting our Facebook page with black tern nesting success at 100% on our artificial floats at Rome Pond Wildlife Area.  As of this past Father’s Day weekend, two of the three egg clutches on the floats have changed to two eggs and a sizable gap between the two remaining eggs.  The remaining floats still have three egg clutches and active tending.  This is all exciting news as we gather more information this season on what can be a very viable future project worth growth and expansion.  Check out the full black tern nesting project report here with more pictures!