Winnebago County Project Highlighted by Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance

Project: Kalbus Project
County: Winnebago
Project Start Date: 12/01/2022

WWA played a critical role in the success of this project, recently highlighted by the Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance (FWWA) here.

Kalbus wetland project site map

The Kalbus Wetland project was a multi partnership project brought to WWA via the FWWA. WWA took the lead on the design of the wetland restoration, with input from the landowners and support from Winnebago County Land & Water Conservation Department.

Ground breaking on site in December 2022

Ground breaking on site in December 2022

WWA led the landowners through the process, beginning with what would be possible on the regulatory side and then creating a design that would best benefit the watershed and restore the maximum amount of wetlands within the site.

Kalbus project December 2022

Before things turned bitter cold in December ,the major earth moving was completed under WWA oversite.

Water control structure installed by WWA

Check out the article by FWWA showing some aspects of the project here.

Kalbus project