Sandhill Cranes in Wisconsin – Is a Sustainable, Ethical Hunt Appropriate?


This page is a resource for “all things sandhill crane” in Wisconsin for better understanding of this beautiful animal, its history and impact on Wisconsin, and the issues that may be involved in establishing an ethical and sustainable harvest.

Fact Sheet for policy makers (25 Oct 2023)

WWA briefing on the SHC, given to state legislators and staff in Oct 2023.

USFWS Presentation on management of SHC and how a Wisconsin hunt would be established. (25 Oct 2024)

Editorial: “Why Support a Sandhill Crane hunt, even if you’ll never hunt one” (Sep 2022)

USFWS Management Plan for the Eastern Population of Sandhill Cranes (i.e., Wisconsin’s SHC)

Annual USFWS report on the status and harvest of sandhill cranes


US Department of Agriculture report on human-sandhill crane conflicts (2017)

A series of articles about the Sandhill hunt issues in Wisconsin (2021-2022)

This series of articles is intended to provide some background and education about this complex issue. Topics covered in these articles include:

  • Basic biology of Eastern Sandhill Crane
  • Unique aspect (challenges and opportunities) of a Wisconsin SHC season
  • Path and partnerships in establishing a Wisconsin SHC season

Sandhill Crane Hunt in Wisconsin – Part 1

Sandhill Crane Hunt in Wisconsin – Part 2: History and Biology

Sandhill Crane Hunt in Wisconsin – Part 3: Timeline and Steps, Breeding and Whoopers

Sandhill Crane Hunt in Wisconsin – Part 4: Impacts and Partnerships in the Agricultural Community

Sandhill Crane Hunt in Wisconsin – Part 5: Why Hunt Sandhill Cranes? 

Sandhill Crane Hunt in Wisconsin – Part 6: Hunting Legislation Status

SHC Ecology and Damage Management in Wisconsin

SHC Crop damage and deterrent use