The Decoy Corner

 By Bruce Urben, WWA President

I get to talk to a lot of waterfowlers in my travels with WWA and while it usually starts out with hunting exploits and many times turns to past hunts, and then to the old decoys or equipment we used. Turns out, many waterfowlers still have some of the old decoys their Father or Grandfather used 40-70 years ago. Either the old ones are on a shelf being admired, in a corner collecting dust or maybe still being used on the water. In future issues I will try to highlight some of our old decoy carvers from Wisconsin or Factory decoy makers of old.

The Decoy Corner will feature articles in an effort to try to help you identify what you have in your “collection” or in your rig and maybe what the value could be to a collector. I will refer to the plethora of literature, books and articles I have accumulated over time when writing these articles. I hope you enjoy.