Tom’s Event Corner April 2019

Gunner Seibert, proudly showing off his WWA Canine LIfe Member collar.

By Tom Seibert, Regional Director – 414.750.8260

It is with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye that I report that Gunner the WWA Dog has passed on to the happy hunting grounds.  I can truly say that he enjoyed his time with all of us.  He continued to attend WWA banquets and sport shows to the very end, and he enjoyed every treat, snack and noogie he begged off of you. He will be missed but not forgotten and will be buried with his WWA Canine Life Member Collar that he wore with pride every day since he became WWA’s 2nd Canine Life Member.  This is something you can do for your dogs also.  Honor and support two great conservationists in Wisconsin, your hunting dog (helping to conserve lost harvested game) and WWA, the leader in Wetland restorations.  The best $50 I spent on Gunner.

A big thank you goes out to SportDOG Brand for their donation of e-collars for dog training!  You will see these items and some of the other excellent gear they contributed to us to help our fundraising at our 2019 banquets & other events.  SportDOG makes e-collars, tracking GPS collars, gear bags and hunting gear plus other accessories for your hunting or family dog and you the hunter.  These are high quality items that I have used, and continue to use, with my dogs.  Attend one of our events to win one of these fine products.  Again, Thank You SportDOG for helping make Wisconsin a better place to live.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who attended our recent banquet in Green Bay.  Thanks for making this a very successful event.  Thanks also to the chapter committee for hosting a great event.  If you would like to join this group in helping to make the event even bigger and better please contact me.

Banquet season continues this month with lots of WWA chapters hosting great events.  We also have several of our Chapter’s Class A raffles online.  Check every several weeks as we continue to add more raffles.  Many of these feature multiple prizes and others feature some extremely desirable guns (that you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself, but sure would like to own).  Check out the $2000 guns that our Waukesha Chapter has on their raffles.  You could be the winner of the hard-to-get Fabarms Syren Camo XLR Semi-auto 12ga. or the elegant Rizzini O/U 20ga. shotgun. Our South Suburban Chapter has a Glock 45 ACP handgun with a few tickets left on this limited ticket raffle and another raffle where you can win a duck hunting skiff, decoys and other accessories. If you can’t attend every event, and who can, you can still get in on a chance to win the chapter’s showcase prizes, most with great odds to win.  We just had another online purchaser win a gun at the Mississippi River Chapter’s 5 Gun Raffle drawn this past Saturday.  See them all here.

Continue to check out our website for the latest news on upcoming events, the latest and greatest in Class A raffle information, the online availability to register for a banquet and hopefully to volunteer to help one our chapters “Make a Difference by Improving the Wetlands, Waterfowl, and Wildlife in Wisconsin”.

Thanks for all your past and future support!