Annual Report

WWA Scores 100% with BBB Standards of Accountability

You can be confident your support is being well used by WWA, having received the BBB’s certification for meeting or exceeding their standards for non-profit accountability.  Your money stays in Wisconsin, focused exclusively on state waterfowling issues.

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Year-End 12-31-22

Year-End 12-31-21

Year-End 12-31-20

Year-End 12-31-19

Year-End 12-31-18

Year-End 12-31-17

Year-End 12-31-16

Year-End 12-31-2015

Year-End 12-31-2014


*Note: WWA’s fiscal year runs January 1 – December 31. Our compiled financial statements are available in mid to late fall of the year immediately after December 31st.