WWA’s Habitat Programs:

Although our association was founded to help represent our members in matters of regulation and legislation, it was shortly thereafter that some of our many habitat restoration, improvement, and enhancement programs began.  Among all of the things that the WI Waterfowl Association does, our wetland restoration work, is perhaps what we our best known for, and certainly that thirty-plus year legacy of work is something we’re proud of.  Consider all of these various programs:

WWA’s wetland restoration program:

Our field restoration team utilizes a historic-ecosystem based technique, which has received international attention and acceptance.  Our top priority remains the expansion of Wisconsin’s wildlife habitat, and to that end, we have restored thousands of project acres, throughout the state.  Our projects are well-documented, and include many partners:  private landowners, the Wisconsin DNR & federal agencies, and other conservation groups. Our project funds originate with the works of our volunteer teams, raising local funds at various outreach events.  These funds are combined with other private donations, or participation from private landowners, and matched to state waterfowl stamp funds, or federal grant programs like the North American Wetland Conservation Act.  In this way, we are able to leverage $1 raised into $2 or $3, to be spent in the field.

Peter checks the survey gear on a 90 degree August day...

Peter checks the survey gear on a 90 degree August day…

Our current Project Director, Peter Ziegler, continues the tradition of excellence which garnered our project program the National Wetlands Award for Conservation and Restoration, the highest form of recognition for this type of work, in 2007.

Want to see if we can assist you with a project on a piece of public property near you, or even your own private property?  Terrific!  Please start by clicking the button above, labeled “project application”, so we can learn more about you, and your idea – and we’ll go from there!

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WDNR Wetland Restoration Handbook:

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’: Wetland Restoration Handbook for Wisconsin Landowners, is a valuable tool for those interested in more information on restoring wetlands. To access the handbook, visit WDNR’s website.

Wisconsin Wetlands Association Handbook:

Our friends at the Wetlands Association have produced a book:  My Healthy Wetlands, another reference material for private wetland owners in Wisconsin.  To access this publication, visit “the other WWA’s” (we tease, in fun!)  website.