WWA Decoy Carving Competition Learn More and Get Involved


We are disappointed to announce the cancellation of WWA’s 4th Annual Decoy Carving Contest and Exhibition.

Unfortunately, current restrictions on the use of state properties are increasingly unlikely to be eased in sufficient time to support the event at the Stanton R. Mead Wildlife and Education Center in central Wisconsin.  And rather than proceed with the hopes of favorable developments, which would require us to begin accepting decoys for the contest, we’ve decided it best to provide certainty for all participants that this year’s contest is simply not in the cards.  Refunds will be provided shortly for those who have paid advance fees.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.  This only elevates our expectations for next year. We remain very excited about our new venue, and the expanded opportunities it offers.  This event will be growing, so get busy carving!

Information on next year’s contest will be updated in early 2021. Information on what to expect, which will be similar to the planned 2020 contest, can be found below and will be updated in early 2021:

Our objectives for the Competition are as follows:

  1. To honor the traditions of hand-carved working decoys that have played an important role in water fowling in Wisconsin and throughout much of the United States
  2. To showcase the decoys of the best carvers in Wisconsin and the United States, providing opportunities to compete, learn, and network for carvers of all levels, from first time competitors to world champions.
  3. To encourage and influence waterfowlers and artists to continue the practice and art of making hand carved decoys for actual gunning, for competition, and as unique pieces of art.
  4. To include vendors, displays, and demonstrations at this competition that will initiate participation by Wisconsin hunters, artists, and youth in decoy carving and decoy competitions.
  5. Identify Wisconsin decoy artists by region, location, and interest, forming a database of talent that can be contacted to assist as judges, instructors/demonstrators, volunteers, committee members, and mentors.

If you are interested in assisting in our Annual Decoy Carving Competition or becoming involved in future competitions please fill out our volunteer form and indicate that you wish to help with the Decoy Carving Competition.