Life Members

Thank You WWA Life Members!

Wisconsin Waterfowl Association Life Members/Life Sponsors have made a significant contribution towards the long term success of the association, and the continuLife Member Logoation of our mission and works.  Among their many benefits, Life Members and Life Sponsors are able to attend any of our outreach events, without paying the membership portion of the event fee (typically, $25 of the event ticket price).  Generally, un-designated Life Member and Life Sponsor proceeds received after July 1st, 2014, are placed into the WWA endowment account, to assist the association in long-term support.


  • Dale Arenz
  • Ted Olson
  • Jack Olson


  • Tom Lutes
  • Patrick Smith
  • Erich Pitz


  • Raymond Petersen
  • Bruce Urben
  • Brian Hadler
  • David R. VanLanen
  • John Wetzel
  • Scott Zoellick
  • Cal Barstow
  • Terry G. Doughty
  • Bill Peebles
  • Jim Weix
  • Leonard & Arleen Wurman
  • Jeff Nania
  • Rob Monette
  • Guy McFarren
  • John Regan
  •  Jerry Burns
  • Jerry Gadamus
  • Don Moore
  • Arthur Anderson
  • Don Kloetzke
  • Buzz Balzer
  • David Uihlein, Sr.
  • Robert Kieckhefer
  • Mark Drollinger
  • Jason Alvarado
  • Scott Hedin
  • Austin Wheaton
  • Tom Seibert
  • Larry Kirby
  • Sharon Kirby
  • Lance Voeltner
  • Keith Pamperin
  • Benjamin Larson
  • Randy Helbach
  • Don Kirby
  • Robert Swanson
  • Michael Alaimo
  • Randy Hess
  • Eric Urben
  • Bryan Urben
  • Erich Schultz
  • Jon Bergquist
  • Craig Lonzo
  • Josh Schingen
  • Dick Neubauer
  • Bob Olson


Gone but not forgotten

  • Les Didier
  • John Holmes
  • Joseph Porten


  • Creed Ferch
  • Reggie Rechek
  • Sophie Vanden Boogart
  • Moose Vanden Boogart
  • Max White
  • Ziva Fisher
  • Pearl Olson
  • Lynard Sitton
  • Phez Bartelmez
  • Jax Braun
  • Sapphire Klug
  • Rolf Timm
  • Neka Otten
  • Reba Regan
  • Izy Paitrick
  • Jake Regan
  • Remington Bratz
  • Tess Whitty
  • Jojo Brooks
  • Tar “The Wonder Dog” Ross
  • Calypso Ross
  • Josie Neubauer
  • Jasmine Smart
  • Jade Bartelmez


Gone and never forgotten

  • Zoe Regan
  • Nixx Urben
  •  Gunner Seibert
  • Eve Monette


We are very excited to have new Life Membership categories available, including new Youth, Junior & Canine categories!  For information on how to support WWA’s habitat restoration, education and regulation/legislation programs by becoming a Life Member or Life Sponsor please visit our membership page or email us (

All membership contributions to WWA are tax deductible as permitted by law.