Duck & Goose Banding

Duck & Goose Banding:

Banding of migratory birds takes place every year, for many species, game and non-game alike, all over North America. 20150825_Blake w woodie

As a part of the Wisconsin Strategic Plan, banding of ducks and geese is done each summer, while the birds are in/around their molt phase, and are diminished in their capacity to escape. (see the attached reference, below)

Wisconsin Strategic Plan 2008-2018

For Canada geese, this Banding4generally means banding activities will take place in the last 10 days of June, when they can be physically herded into “corrals”, and for ducks, the activity takes place during the month of August, using a variety of baited trap scenarios.

Volunteers from the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association are often involved in these banding activities in their local areas; first as it is a terrific way to learn more about the birds in general, and secondly, it is a family-friendly activity, that can be a great way to introduce another generation to the lifestyle of our waterfowling traditions.




How to get involved:

There are banding crews working in many areas of the state. We will update this listing, with the best contact information possible, as it becomes known to us. If you are aware of current information for a banding team, please let us know, by reaching out here.

Collins Marsh (duck banding – August):
Joshua Jackl: 920-420-0563
Natanya Hayden: 920-755-4983

Grand River Marsh (duck banding – August)
Jim Holzwart: 920-361-3149

Green Bay Duck Hunters Association (goose banding – June):
Roger Hanson: 920-676-6761

Horicon Marsh: (goose banding – June & duck banding – August):
Paul Samerdyke: 920-763-6405

Navarino Wildlife Area (night duck banding – August):
Kay Brockman-Mederas: 715-526-4226

Mississippi River (goose banding – June & duck banding – August):
Brenda Kelly: 608-785-9994