Invasives Control

Unfortunately, Wisconsin’s wetlands are host to many invasive species whose presence is taking a toll on our natural landscape.  For information on invasive plants, laws and policies, how to take action against invasives and more resources, we suggest checking out the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ (WDNR) Invasive Species links on their website.

WDNR also has a great two page full-color document of common invasive wetland plants in Wisconsin which can be found on their website.

We also run monthly articles on invasives in our electronic Newsletters. Here are some of our most recent publishings:

Volunteers transporting the beetle infected purple loosestrife plants at Rome Pond

What we’re doing to help:

While WWA’s project director Peter Ziegler continually works to control the spread of invasives on any project sites we work on, WWA has also recently partnered with the WDNR on the control of invasive purple loosestrife on the Rome Pond Wildlife Area which has been adopted by WWA volunteers, headed by volunteer Mike Alaimo. Starting in April of 2017 Alaimo worked with WDNR employee Jeanne Scherer on implementing an attack plan on the invasive purple loosestrife plants present at Rome Pond Wildlife Area using a proven method of introducing two “Cella” beetle species (Galerucella calmariensis & G. pusilla) onto Rome Pond via purple loosestife plants infected with the beetle which will feed on its leaves and shoots.

In May of 2018, approximately one month after the survey of Rome Pond, Alaimo and Scherer were joined by volunteers Ron and Anne Churchill, to remove 51 purple loosestrife plants from the wildlife area. Later that same day Scherer and other WDNR employees potted and netted the plants and released the beetles onto the plants.

On July 5th, Alaimo, Scherer and the Churchills were joined by TJ Schnulle (WWA), Taylor Steager (DNR), Sam Jonas (DNR) ,and Craig Kopacek (DNR), to transport and seedRome Pond Wildlife Area with 44 beetle infected plants.

Beetle infected purple loosestrife seeded into Rome Pond on July 5, 2017

Check out the full details on this volunteer effort to control the invasive purple loosestrife plant on our website’s project pages.