Legacy Project Signing

WWA’s Legacy Project Signing project:

Over more than thirty years, WWA staff & volunteers have designed, built,Paradise Valley Waukesha County Highway D signage or assisted with thousands of wetland restoration and enhancement projects, all over Wisconsin.
Sometimes these projects were known only to the owners, and whomever completed the project.  Other times, WWA would be acknowledged as part of a partners sign, or over the years, sometimes we would place small metal, wooden, or plastic signs, indicating the work done & the investment made.

Finally, in 2011, we were able to partner with Badger State Industries, and design/source a DOT-grade aluminum project sign, which should last thirty years or more on-site, and allows our members to share the pride of another “job well done” as they pass by the sites which have been marked.  While we do not mandate signage on our project agreements with landowners, we do provide the signage, and installation, free of charge for those who will allow us to place it.  We currently ask new project landowners if we can place signage near the roadway on sites, and we have been contacted by a few of our former project landowners, who want their wetland restorations marked with pride.

NOTE:  having a project signed by WWA DOES NOT INDICATE IT IS OPEN TO HUNTING OR OTHER ENTRY!  Just like any other private property, you must ask for permission before entering any non-public property that has had wetland restoration work done on it, or be subject to Wisconsin’s serious trespass laws.

Interested in having your WWA project signed?

WWA is actively seeking to sign our previous projects, and would welcome your via e-mail to info@wisducks.org.  Projects that can have some aspect seen from the road, of course, are best, but we will do our best to help you, help us in raising awareness of the association by placing signage on your frontage, in the best light possible.  Our standard project signs are 3′ by 4′, which may sound very large, at first, but in fact is a very small sign, to be viewed from a passing vehicle.  We will make arrangements to have the sign installed with treated lumber, in such a way that it should require little to no maintenance for many years.  Are you interested in assisting us in this effort?  Using our resources, we are able to place a standard project sign, for approximately $150 per unit, including the aluminum signface, the treated lumber, hardware, signpost concrete, etc. (the larger 4’x8′ units used off interstate highways are more…) This is a small investment for an attractive advertisement of our works, that is available 24 hrs a day, rain or shine, especially on roadways with good traffic counts.