Water, Water Everywhere

By Bruce Urben, President

This article originally appeared in Wisconsin Waterfowl Association’s April Newsletter edition.

Unseasonably warm weather the last week or two has certainly put more water on the landscape in short order. Some of our local communities have experienced localized flooding from ice dams in rivers and streams. While excess water in wetlands can be good for habitat and those that reside there, it is not too good for people who reside in these flooded areas. Flooded basements, washed out roads, bridges and over-topped dams have spelled disaster for many residents in Wisconsin this year.

Diminishing wetland resources in our state certainly can account for some of the flooding problems we are seeing. Wetland areas serve as a buffer to hold flood water and discharge these major events slowly. However, many of our wetlands are being compromised or destroyed through development to the point that they cannot do their job adequately.

This is where we need your help. Wisconsin Waterfowl Association does habitat improvement projects on private property to try to restore or enhance wetland resources. Over 80% of Wisconsin’s wetlands are located on private property, according to the Wisconsin Wetlands Association. We can help you to improve your wetlands to benefit the environment, our wildfowl, animals and plants that reside there.

If you have property that you would like to enhance, you can contact us by filling out a habitat project application form on our website. Our staff will review the project application and will get back to you with questions or logistics. This is the time of year that we begin to develop planning for the year’s habitat work, so don’t delay in submitting your application. The planning includes design, permitting and contracting well before any earth can be moved, so early preparation is a plus.

We should be seeing our spring wildfowl migration coming through any day now with their spring plumage in grand colors. Enjoy the show and know that you have had something to do with their well being as members of Wisconsin Waterfowl Association!