WWA Decoy Carving Competition Entrant Information

Thank you for your interest in entering a decoy(s) into the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association’s 3rd Annual Decoy Carving Competition.  All information necessary to submit your decoy(s) can be found on this page.

Entrant responsibilities:

Competitors are responsible for knowing the published IWCA rules and following them.  The IWCA site has a downloadable PDF file listing the complete rules and regulations for IWCA competitions.  The Appendix for this summary lists pertinent sections of IWCA rules, but is not all-inclusive. As a competitor, please access the IWCA website and read the rules.  There have been some changes, and per IWCA, as a competitor, it is your responsibility to know the rules.

For additional questions, please email our office at  wwainfo@centurytel.net